Saturday, December 27, 2008


Intensive workshop on Spanish lessons... last week of the year in Ushuaia
Intensive and fast immertion or Brush up and practice Spanish... Optimize your visit!!!
The End of the year... The End of the world

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fin de Año en Buenos Aires

spanishteacher-012The End of the year 2008 is coming with several cultural and social celebrations in Buenos Aires.

The summer cool down these days but not the rythm of th dynamic Tango´s capital.

Visitors and local join all the parties like the monthly Internations gathering.


This time the terrace at Sula bar was the stage of exchange talks, beers, planning trips, wine glasses and color!! spanishteacher-010

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sticky and Sweet Buenos Aires

Sticky!! was the weather last days till the rain came and now is 16 degree!! can you believe it?? Yes it´s Buenos Aires "La reina del Plata" This Queen is so temperamental as the Queen of Pop: Madonna and she´s coming...

madonna in Buenos Aires

Pegajoso!! fue el clima en los últimos días hasta que la lluvia llegó y ahora hace 16 grados!! Puedes creerlo?? Sí.. esto es Buenos Aires "La reina del plata" , esta reina es tan temperamental como la reina del Pop: Madonna y ella está llegando...

Her entourage of 3 kids and 220 people, her 350 tons of luggage will help her to rock "El monumental" (River plate stadium) during 4 nights!!

Su cortejo de 3 niños y 22o personas, sus 350 toneladas de equipaje le ayudarán a convulsionar "El monumental" (el estadio de River plate) durante 4 noches!!

This week two kingdoms will get together: Tango and Pop (the guilty: Daniel Grinbank)

Esta semana dos reinos se encontrarán: Tango y Pop (el culpable: Daniel Grinbank)

Their fanatics will be hosted just in one city: Buenos Aires and its sweet side...

Sus fanáticos serán hospedados solo en una ciudad: Buenos Aires and este es su lado dulce...