Monday, July 21, 2008

Aerolíneas Argentinas for dummies

The lady President talks to the country in a national connection, just to annunce the agrement of incorporation of this airline again under administration of the State.
60 days of transition in order to check the transfer from Marsans spaniard group the 94,41% and prevent bankrupt of this company were mentioned. She remembered her first fly when she flew to meet her future family-in-law.
About number she said : 7.7 millones come from turism, Argentina has duplicated the income from turism industry in this year.
During her discourse she prioritizes the interest of the country and worker of this company.
Debt: 890 millon dollars,
workers: 8.500
The co. need inmediatly: 7 millons dollars,
Need spare parts for 60 millons dollars

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