Monday, October 1, 2007

Getting lost in Buenos Aires
By Jamie gross (chatsworth,ca, usa)

I will try to give a report of my trip to Buenos Aires. Well I got into BA after a 10 hour and 35 minute flight leaving Dallas. Customs was a breeze. Took maybe 10 minutes at the most. Out, I went in search of a taxi, for 68 pesos they took me to Recoleta. The ride took maybe 40 minutes to get there.
Got to an apartment and is costing me less than 37 USD a day. It’s a tiny studio though but I have internet connection in my room which helps a nerdy person like me.
After I got settled in, I walked to find a supermarket and place that I could get my calling card. Going to the supermarket here is an experience! At big supermarkets, the lines here do not move, there are a million old ladies and moms on it, and they have a ton of stuff in their carts! I had a few items, but got sick of waiting and had to use the bathroom. I quickly took my cart to an aisle no one would look for, and got out to escape the craziness.
I then went to find a pharmacy to buy a calling card to call the US. Got a card for 10 pesos which is for 0.16 pesos per minute.
Then men in BA look as dark and handsome as I thought they would be. When the worker from the agency came to the apartment for me to pay him, they did the side kiss thing!
The women here overall look like me and I blend in well. I have dark hair, light eyes, and fair skin, and have been told I look very Argentinian before a few times. I thought people here would dress more fancy than people in the US. I had heard that said before. They dress pretty much the same as people in America.
I started off the second day going to the supermarket for a few groceries. Got a few things like apples, bananas, orange juice, muffins, water, and this vegetable empanada. Let me tell you about these muffins. They are heavenly! I got these vanilla muffins where you get 6 fresh ones for $2.44 USD. I have a belief that getting lost in a new town or city is a good thing it helps you to get to know a place better but I got lost just trying to find the damn subway stop for Callao not realizing there are two Callao stops. When I got on the subway till the end, everyone got off. I realized it was going south when I wanted north (or the opposite, I don’t remember) when this nice and pretty blonde told me in perfect English that you have to transfer and that the line altogether ends or some thing like that ...

Note:Subway cost $ 0,70 (U$S 0,20) the net links the most important spots.

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