Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday in Buenos Aires

Practising Spanish language and eating cherryes with Haakon and Even (from Norway) We walk along Defensa st. in a hot spring day. We pass through the tradicional market when we talk about antiques and were amazed by traces... Then we continue to walking toward Plaza Dorrego when Even who admires Carlos Gardel got a original advertising-picture from about 50 years ago for $90 (pesos)


An ice coffee prepare for sweet lady in a cozy coffee shop in an old house-shop help us to refresh and also we refresh argentine History talking about "La revolución de Mayo" and consequences...

The beat of Drummers arrive marking the end of Sunday market in San Telmo and our meeting... The day is over??? NO in Buenos Aires.


I kept walking along Defensa until Parque Lezama where I expected to see Tango-chess game "live"

A huge chessboard, pieces were performed by Tango dancer: kings,queens, rooks ,Knights ,bishops, and pawns were dancing around!!!


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