Saturday, May 10, 2008

Release party review

Thursday night... I´m tired But I have two students and they´re photographers.
Nina Kourea is from Australia she´s here after NYC experience and Kate Stanworth is from England she´s Photo Editor and she´s also writing the visual arts section of
"The argentimes" a free English-language newspaper aimed at the youth market in Buenos Aires.
They invited me for its release party at "live" 1975 Dorrego st. in Palermo.
At the second floor the funky music and the funny interior design of here and there "busted"device tv... cool!
Some chicken croquette with a couple of beers and some talking prepare me and put me in mood to play corean "Hand" games ... Let me explain it!
"Paso" a corean tango dancer (spanish student too) join me and remind me some afternoons at Ramat Hashofet kibbutz when the volunteers we spend our time playind "Cero" or "Zero" ( I don´t know much corean language) ... A corean popular game played traying to guess the number of finger the players will show... Well it´s more fun to play than explain it!
It was a funky intercultural party for me.

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