Friday, May 9, 2008

Taking a Taxi

By Phone

Necesito un taxi (or remis)

desde= From (your address)

a= to (your destination.

For Example:

Necesito un taxi desde Avenida Santa fe 000 a Defensa 00

Mi dirección es ...

Mi numero de telefono es... (They request it to confirm).

Demora= delay

taxi driver =Chofer

Necesitar = Need

llegar a = To get to + ( st name and number)




boleto= ticket

"Pay ALWAYS wit small change..."

If you feel walking say: Acá, Por Favor (here, please) ....and indicate with your finger ...

Taxi service in downtown Buenos Aires______$ 3.10 (minimum)
* A partir del 1° de junio, la tarifa de taxi en la Capital aumentará el 22,58 %.La bajada de bandera pasará de $ 3,10 a 3,80.From June 1st, taxi tariff in Capital will increase 22,58%. Flagfall from $3,10 to $3,80M.

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